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Press Delivered!

Nov 12, 2012   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, Letterpress  //  6 Comments

Words cannot describe how delighted I am that we purchased our very own C&P 10×15 Letterpress. This all would not be possible without help from the big man upstairs, my family and friend’s never-ending support and last but certainly NOT least Gary Johanson. If it were not for Gary’s hard work rebuilding the press and his willingness to share letterpress, this would have never happened. I am blessed to have the means to start this new endeavor – it is a dream coming true!

I am sure you want to know how we managed to move the 1800 pounds of steel 150 miles across the state of Florida. Well, we rented a 26 foot box truck with a 3000 pound lift gate.  Plus my husband moves even heavier restaurant equipment, so this is like another day at work for him.

Gary had the press already on boards, so it was easy to put a pallet jack underneath it. Jason and Gary wheeled the press out in the parking lot to load it on the box truck.

After some deliberating, Jason and Gary wheeled the press onto the gate.

There was only one minor set back. Jason does not know his own strength and he pulled the palette jack right off the back. They easily remedied that by using boards to lift the press up so, they could get the jack a back on the gate.

Steady does it, putting the press into the truck.

The press safely made it on the truck- thanks to Gary and Jason.

Jason and I hopped back in the truck and headed home. We had some reservations about Jason being the only one moving the press off the truck when we go there, but…

Jason said that it was easier than he thought it  was going to move it on his own (phew). Thank goodness for a  pallet jack and my strong hubby.

This is the spot we cleared out in our garage for the press.

We decided to leave the press on the boards temporarily because we want to paint the floor underneath it.

That is a wrap people!  The press made it home safe and sound.  I cannot wait to print with it.

Yep, that is me, finally on the other side of the camera with Sophia.

I had to share this silly picture of our kid, she is such a hamster.  This is how she acts when she is sent home sick early from school with a sore throat and fever. She is a happy kid all the time – we are soooooo lucky.

Sophia and Jason enjoyed a short ride on the lift gate before we close the truck up for the night.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read about our letterpress adventures. We are excited to share more with you.  We are planning on posting some videos of the big move soon.

Much Love,



  • So very proud of you Missy!!

  • Thanks Andria!

  • Congratulations, Melissa. Looks like Gary did a phenomenal job in rehabilitating your press. She’s a beauty. Can’t wait to see some printing being done on it. Bet you can’t wait either.
    BTW, I love your daughter’s enthusiasm.
    Carl Mario
    Letterpress Coordinator
    Tampa Book Arts Studio
    University of Tampa

  • Hi Carl!
    Thanks for stopping by to check out our press. Even though, I have not printed with her, I am thankful that I get to see her every day and know one day I will use her to create extraordinary things – you are right I am cannot wait to use it. :) – Melissa

  • Just stumbled across your blog via a yahoo group.

    Loved your Mother’s Day card – a perfect letterpress specimen!

    Your press is a beauty. Just like the one I had as a kid (teenager).

    Can we make email/phone contact? Would love to chat with you a bit about what you are doing.



  • Bob,

    Thank you for visiting my website. I’d love to chat with you more over email. Did we met at the Wayzgoose at the TampaBay Book Arts studio?

    Talk to you soon.


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