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Lost First Tooth

Mar 30, 2012   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, Family Life  //  No Comments

You can add Sophia to the Tooth Fairy World Tour because she just lost her first tooth! The first to join the tour was her front bottom tooth. It won’t be long before her second tooth hits the road and heads out tour too.

I was lucky enough to get the whole event on video.  I know, I’m a little nerdy for capturing it happening, but what can I say, “It was her first tooth.”  :)


Sophia woke up to a note from her Tooth Fairy and candy and some cash’ola.

…and the Tooth Fairy even included a photo with Sophia sleeping.  How did she do that? Tooth Fairies really are magical.

Our little 5 year old is well on her way to growing up.






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