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Rube Goldberg Inspired Tradeshow

Oct 30, 2010   //   by admin   //   Design Work, Print+Web+Tradeshow  //  No Comments

This trade show theme was inspired by Rube Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist, sculptor and author. A Rube Goldberg contraption is an elaborate set of arms, wheels, gears, handles, cups and rods, put in motion by balls, canary cages, pails, boots, bathtubs, paddles and live animals – takes a seemingly simple task and makes it extraordinarily complicated.

The goal was to build an interactive tradeshow environment that represented DataPros for Healthcare brand and to simulate how their customer data was associated to their core service offerings: Data Services, Data Cleansing, CDM Linkage, Functional Equivalency, Spend Analytic, Price Benchmarking, Contract Parsing, Data Sync, Quality Assurance and Maintenance.

The premise behind the design concept was simple.  Use each circle in the DataPros logo to represent data solution offerings. The ball symbolized how customer data passed through each of these offerings.

To keep the ball in motion it had to trigger an event to move to the next step and eventually reach the end. Traditional Rube Goldberg machines usually stop when the ball reaches the end.  This machine needed to run on a continuous loop for two days. A magnetic elevator system was designed to carry the ball to the beginning and start the process over again.


Each time the ball passes through the machine a random event triggers the ball’s path to change. This can be true for customer data each has unique rules and different paths they must follow.

I had the pleasure of working as part of the DataPros creative team and was responsible for project management, concept design all the way to final construction of the machine, budget preparation and financial reports as well as, designed all corresponding marketing material for the event.

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