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Paste paper – easy lil’ weekend project

Mar 19, 2013   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, DIY, Getting Crafty, Scrapbooking  //  No Comments

Paste Paper

I discovered an easy and affordable way to make decorative paper.  This is fun for adults and kids of all ages.  Paste paper is decorative paper found inside books and used on the outside of books as part of the cover. Centuries ago, book binders used their left over book binding paste mixed with pigment and brushed that onto the paper.  They used various techniques, brush strokes and different tools to make 3-dimensional patterns and designs.

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From Table to Desk Just Like That

Jan 18, 2012   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, DIY  //  No Comments


Sophia's New Desk

It took a long time to decide what to do with my old childhood table. We originally had it in our kitchen before we bought our new table that is revealed here. I shared so many wonderful memories at that table growing up; I wasn’t ready to part with it yet. Sadly, I knew it was too large to keep it in our office/guest room. We finally decided an unused table was more of shame than cutting it in half and painting the 150+ year old wood – Yeah, I just said that. Read More »

Our latest edition

Mar 18, 2011   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, DIY  //  No Comments

Table, meet C Brainers.  C Brainers, meet table.  Hooray! Our search for a kitchen table is finally over!  It was love at first sight – we snatched her up and brought her home pronto.

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This little bath of mine, I’m going let it shine!

Mar 2, 2011   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, DIY, How To  //  6 Comments

We couldn’t wait to share the recent makeover of our downstairs bath. We {heart} the tranquil feeling and the harmonious color palette.  Our first attempt at the bath wasn’t bad, but the brown overpowered the small windowless room. Here’s what our old bath looked like before.

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