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Trip Down Memory Lane

Jun 7, 2012   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, Family Life, Getting Crafty  //  No Comments

What better day to post this, than on my 39th birthday (yes, I said that). I’m excited to share with you the dress Sophia is modeling; my Mom made it for me in 1978. She spent many hours sewing and cross stitching every detail on the dress. Which is flawless, if I do say so myself.

 Many of you, who read our blog, have probably heard me say my Mama saves everything.  Well it’s true, she does – the most sentimental and I’m glad she does.  This dress is too perfect to send it packing.  I know she doubts her creativity sometimes, but believe me when I say this; she truly is the MOST amazing seamstress! I admire her skill that I have not accomplished yet.  Practice, she would probably tell me.

My Grandpa (her admirable Dad) purchased the material from a local store in upstate New York called WT Grants that closed in 1976.  I could only find one photo taken during Christmas 1965 (No, I wasn’t born yetJ). Check out the old cars parked out front.  Other Olean NY vintage photographs found here.

Grandpa bought a ton of material plain and now known as retro patterns for as little as .25 cents a yard. My Mom also made shirts out of the same material as the dress. She recalls making shirts for my Grandfather that he wore with pride and he told everyone his daughter made them for him.  How sweet, I miss him terribly. He would literally give you the shirt off his back.

Mom, thank you so much for your beautiful workmanship and keeping those special items that I can pass down to Sophia’s children too. I will cherish them forever.

Blogging with Love.

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