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Archive from January, 2011

Why We Live In Sunny Florida

Jan 29, 2011   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, Family Life  //  No Comments

Sophia Smile

I must admit I miss the season changing or, err, ummm, fall especially… but, you have to admit it is nice when you are wearing a t-shirt outside at the end of January. The weather today was warm, with a high of 72 degrees, sunny, clear brilliant blue sky with fluffy white clouds. You know, the kind of clouds you wish you could crawl into and take a nap. A perfect back drop for some action shots of Sophia.

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Easy Way to Get Marker Out of Clothes

Jan 24, 2011   //   by Melissa Coon   //   Blog, How To  //  3 Comments

Purple Dress Shout and Toothbrush

Anyone who has kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews and etc. has come across a few stained clothes. Usually Sophia creates her masterpieces with washable markers, but unfortunately for this purple dress, she did not. I used Shout® The #1 Stain Remover and a Colgate toothbrush with sonic power vibrations to get the stains out.

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